Building a wooden house: the advantages

Today, the wooden house is considered highly performing:

  • It is anti-seismic
  • Offers many benefits over energy savings
  • It has better thermal and acoustic performance
  • It has excellent architectural flexibility and greater living comfort

This construction type has become increasingly widespread, even in contexts far from mountains. Today, earthquake-proof wooden houses represent a much sought after and appreciated opportunity practically everywhere in Italy.

The concept of wooden construction as a mass-produced and almost “provisional” solution compared to traditional concrete houses is now obsolete. On the contrary, this construction method can offer high overall performance. At the same price, it gives significant advantages in terms of energy-saving and anti-seismicity properties. A wooden house is as durable as a concrete one, and, like the latter, it can be designed and customized in every detail.


Wooden Houses Projects

In the design of a wooden house, there are no architectural or structural constraints. Using wood, it is possible to give life to a project according to one’s wishes and expectations” (Alberto Simonetti, Il Sole 24 Ore, 31 March 2016).

After more than thirty years of experience in the construction sector, Fratelli Simonetti has also chosen to travel to the new frontiers of wooden construction systems. Our Wood Division is made of industry experts who can help in all construction phases: from the foundation to the roof, from the accessories to furnishings. Those who come to us will never find a catalog of standard houses to choose from, as we do not provide predefined models. We design bespoke solutions, tailor-made homes that speak about their uniqueness. Furthermore, suppose a customer already appointed a designer, we can provide all the needed support with the advantages of having a single supplier able to take care of every step of the construction process.

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Go to the built projects section and discover the houses we made using the wooden construction system! Do you want to know the cost of wooden houses? Contact us for a personalized quote!

Frame systems and Platform Frame for wooden houses

The system is generally based on a reinforced concrete slab. The connection between the wooden structure and the foundations is ensured utilizing suitable threaded steel bars or pressure anchors. Each wall or floor is made up of vertical uprights in laminated wood or KVH placed at center distance. The OSB structural cladding panel is placed on the outer sides and completely covers the frame.

Xlam panel system for building wooden houses

The Xlam panel system consists of solid wood planks arranged in crossed layers, glued together to form a single flat solid element, with load-bearing capacity in both directions.
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