This room is an area of the house where aesthetics, relaxation, and functionality must find the perfect synthesis even more than in the others. There are many elegant solutions available in our exhibition areas, even for the smallest spaces. From the materials to the smallest complement’s choice, we do not give up on beauty: the bathroom will be precise as one always wanted.


The choice of bathroom fixtures is a delicate step, as it must respond not only to aesthetic factors but also to the bathroom’s structural characteristics. On the floor, flush against the wall or suspended: each type differs from the others and requires specific requirements for correct installation. Our experienced consultants will help in choosing the right product for every need and desire.

Showers and tubs

Bathtub or shower cubicle? Relaxation or practicality? What if one has limited spaces? Many possibilities allow to reconciling needs and desires. Many materials and compositions can be used according to the premises’ typologies. Our competent professionals, relying on the best “Made in Italy” brands’ solutions, will guide the customer through the entire process.

Taps and fittings

Sink, bidet, bathtub, and shower: the faucet is a fundamental element from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view. One will find various models in our exhibition spaces, from the most traditional to the most design-oriented. Besides guiding customers in choosing the right solution, our consultants will also provide valuable information on post-purchase, with useful tips for cleaning and maintaining the selected product.

Bathroom furniture

Materials, lines, colors, lights, and shadows: every bathroom comes to life thanks to the right furnishings. There is no limit to the imagination. There are many possibilities for organizing spaces and accessories, just as there are many possibilities for installing different furnishings. The key ingredient? Fantasy.

Bathroom accessories

Accessories make cozy environments and the same goes for the bathroom. We have various soap holders, toilet roll holders, towel racks, stools, and toilet brushes: personalizing a bathroom can be easy and fun. There are many objects on display in our showrooms. One may find the simplest or the most sophisticated, depending on taste and needs.
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