Fratelli Simonetti:

“Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep.” (Le Corbusier)

The story we want to tell begins 40 years ago and talks about space, light, order, and the dreams of a man. His name is Alberto Simonetti. One day he decided that all his ideas and desires should turn into something concrete. They had to find the right ORDER, get their own SPACE, and give LIGHT to something new. Slowly this “something” also found the way to become a reality. The company “Fratelli Simonetti” was born, a small company specialized in the resale of building materials. The desire for new projects and further growth was quickly imminent. As experience increased, so did the awareness to do more and better.

Thus, Fratelli Simonetti began a path of study and research on the building processes.       In a few years, the company’s range of products that can now be offered to its customers includes building materials, interior finishes, waterproofing systems , the most innovative thermo-acoustic insulations, furniture for bathroom, windows, and more. At this point, our story buckles up and flies beyond national borders, with new specializations, international customers, and collaborations with major construction companies and architectural firms in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the United States.

From the foundations to the interior spaces' design. Your entire home in one exhibition space

Here, our history takes a run and with a long step reaches up to today. Nowadays, the company is a partner of the most influential brands in the construction sector and the most prestigious furniture manufacturers. It shares a joint mission with them: spreading the “Italian Style” and the culture of living. The company can build homes from the foundations to the finishes and interior furnishings, counting on the support of 11 warehouses, 7 showrooms and 3 outlets. Nevertheless, the real strength of “F.lli Simonetti,” is the team of over 200 professionals who assist and guide customers at every stage of the construction process:

  • In the choice of materials
  • In the design of spaces
  • In defining the laying patterns
  • In creating 3D projects made with the most advanced design software that allows highly realistic simulation of the final result.
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