Floors and wall coverings


Due to the high number of different options to choose from, wood can be an excellent flooring choice. There are no limits related to costs, environmental conditions, installation, and maintenance issues. Traditional or innovative, the parquet is now accessible to everybody: it is resistant, welcoming, and sustainable. It favors thermal and acoustic insulation of the house and guarantees a high level of comfort.

Natural materials

Timeless, durable, and modern materials, marble, and natural stones have the most diverse applications in the home’s various areas. These finishes always provide an imaginative journey to distant destinations made of precious and unimaginable treasures.

Floor tiles

From the floor to the walls, the tile is the most common finishing element. Available in infinite variations of colors and shapes and thanks to careful research on materials, it has achieved highly performing properties and characteristics. Porcelain stoneware is the last frontier: it is an extremely compact ceramic tile. It is produced through a specific process that determines its resistance and high impermeability. It is the perfect synthesis between aesthetics and functionality.


The mosaic effect allows you to create bespoke and original solutions within rooms. This technique’s ancient tradition takes on authentic modernity thanks to continuous research in materials and layouts. Today, this beautiful type of covering is used in all house areas.

Other wall coverings

Laminates and PVCcarpet, and resin: there are endless possibilities for creating your coverings. Each material has specific technical and structural characteristics. The experience of our professionals is essential in helping to identify the right solution.


Available in many variations, wallpaper is ideal for covering the interior walls of a home. Custom-made and always in line with new trends, it is a solution that allows to decorate rooms with style and originality.
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